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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Confidence starts in your Mind! 

You have an approach to the world which can either limit your success, a closed mindset, or allow you to achieve successes you never could have imagined, a growth mindset. Women are known to more strongly attribute negative outcomes to their own competence which reflects an internal locus of control. These two factors can limit confidence. We are going to walk you through developing a growth mindset and shifting your locus of control to enhance your confidence. 

Module Highlights:

• How your confidence can change over time

• How to develop a growth mindset

• How to shift your locus of control to optimize confidence 

• How to identify your personal values and start to define your confidence goals

Module 2: Confidence is in the Moment! 

You spend a lot of time reflecting on the past and worrying about the future. You have a tendency to remember negative events and we think we can control the future. The only thing you can control is the present, and targeting your focus here can enhance your confidence. We are going to walk you through maintaining a focus on the present through developing a practice of mindfulness to enhance your confidence.   

Modules Highlights:

• How a focus on the present through a practice of mindfulness can grow your confidence

• How mindfulness is supported by a scientific link to biochemical changes in the brain

• How to develop a personal practice of mindfulness and make more time for yourself 

Module 3: Confidence is in your Actions! 

You have a certain way you present yourself at work and in your professional life. Even though you may feel confident, your body language and the way you speak, the words and tone you use, may not reflect what is necessary to lead the team. We are going to walk you through the words and actions that will enhance your confidence in the operating room.  

Modules Highlights:

• How to use confident body language to instil confidence in others 

• How to speak confidently  

• How to act confidently despite emotions such as fear 

Module 4: Confidence is in the Preparation! 

It is unlikely that you got to where you are without past successes. These have occurred both inside and outside of work and can assist in helping to form a vision of yourself as a successful, confident professional woman. Forming good habits and rituals around our professional life will make you more confident. We are going to walk you through using past successes and good habits to enhance your confidence.   

Modules Highlights:

• How to identify past successes

• How to visualize success in the present moment

• How to keep a Victory Log 

• How to form good habits (and get rid of bad) in order to enhance your confidence 

Module 5: Your Confidence Board of Directors! 

You now understand how reflecting on past successes and being focused on the present can enhance your confidence. Your future success will be defined by surrounding yourself with people who share your vision of how you present as a successful, confident professional woman. We are going to walk you through developing your own Confidence Board of Directors who will lead you to unlimited confidence.   

Modules Highlights:

• How to define a Confidence Board of Directors

• How to achieve the benefits of a Confidence Board of Directors

• How to identify who should be included in your Confidence Board of Directors 

Module 6: Your Confidence Transformation! 

Sustaining your confidence will be easier if you are able to act in alignment with your values and live as an authentic version of yourself. It is important to know what inspires you; what is the ‘WHY’ which underlies your vision. We are going to walk you through continuing to live by your values, living an authentic life, and understanding your why in order to sustain your vision of yourself as a successful, confident professional woman! 

Modules Highlights:

• How your values are tied to sustainable confidence  

• How to be an authentic version of yourself

• How to define the “WHY” behind being a successful, confident professional woman 

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Meet the Instructors

Co-Founder, Instructor and Coach

Debrah Wirtzfeld

Dr. Wirtzfeld has a passion for advancing professional women in leadership through her work as a Certified Executive Coach with additional training in Crucial Conversations, the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, and the Emotional Quotient Index (EQi 2.0). Her focused areas of interest include career promotion, negotiation, team engagement/leading teams, and forming personal networks for success.

Co-Founder, Instructor and Coach

Beth Pedersen

Dr. Pedersen has expertise in leadership development and has aligned her approach with the LEADS Canada Framework. She is an International Coach Federation certified coach (ACC), LEADS certified coach, and is trained in EQi 2.0. Her focused areas of interest include developing work-life balance, career transitions, team engagement/leading teams, resilience and advocating for yourself.

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